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New Ambassadors, Kids on Air
& Satire on gender inequality
World Summit Youth Award
Newsletter 01/2014

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Ready to take action on the MDGs?
2014 Call for Applications: 15th of Feb – 15th of June
You have developed a social project using ICT? It works online or on smart devices? You are under 30? You want to make a real difference in your community?

Then you should apply for the World Summit Youth Award 2014 and get the chance to present your project on a global stage!

Go to www.youthaward.org to apply.
A new generation of ambassadors enriches the WSYA community
Meet our representatives in Guatemala, India, Tanzania, Colombia / Serbia, Nigeria, India and Indonesia

Having won the WSYA 2013, these seven young and dynamic entrepreneurs will be supporting the project with their energy and time!

With them the WSYA Ambassador Network has grown to 19 countries.

Main task of an Ambassador is to spread the word about the WSYA and encourage as many social acti-preneurs as possible to tell us about their projects and apply.

Welcome to the WSYA Family!

Find profiles of all WSYA Ambassadors here.
From Siberia to South Africa, from Afghanistan to Argentina
Radijojo connects kids all over the world

What to wear in the Antarctica? How do other European countries celebrate Christmas? What is the difference between weather and climate? The reporters of Radijojo are discovering the answers and have created an immense library of podcasts, articles, videos and radio shows for their peers.
Made by children for children, all content is designed as a free educational resource and can be accessed from anywhere in the world for free.

“Today, children in over 100 countries are already connected via the Radijojo World Children's Radio Network.”

Anxious Mother Nature
Teen pregnancy and sugar daddies, child marriage, pornography and incest. These are only some of the difficult topics, Dotun Adewunmi addresses in his blog and webcomic, Mother Nature.
Meant to be a satire on gender inequality, Mother Nature’s content is based on extensive personal research on the various matters. Though the storylines are fictitious, the illustrations depict factual events that attempt to highlight the most pressing issue of women all around the world.
“If everybody sees and treats women as equals, the real Mother Nature can become less anxious about planet Earth and gender equality can truly be achieved.”


How online and on-ground actions partner to create social impact
Using on-Internet and on-ground actions simultaneously allows social campaigns to build a hybrid that enhances the outreach and the interaction of the overall project.

What’s next? Post 2015
2015 is around the corner and the global community is struggling to keep the momentum alive. Thoughts on the post MDG Agenda.

What does it mean to be free?
Momal Mushtaq, runner-up of the WSYA 2011, knows what it means to break out of the comfort zone and experience real freedom.

Spread the word of WSYA 2014!
Best regards from your WSYA Team

Peter A. Bruck, Charlotte Dreyer, Kordian Bruck, Birgit Berger

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