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18 Digital Projects Pushing
the MDGs Agenda Forward
World Summit Youth Award
Newsletter 09/2013

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Young people using digital technologies to change the world for the better 

Creative e-content & low cost solutions for digital empowerment
Highlights of the winning projects!
The Egyptian project Yomkem.com tries to bridge the gap between entrepreneurs in informal manufacturing industries and people who have the skills or the means to become a problem solver.

From France comes a project where computers are built in plastic jerry cans that not only work but actually provide a low cost solution for digital empowerment. “Jerry Do It Together” is a customizable computer inside of a plastic can -made out of end of life materials- that is helping entire communities to get access to the digital world. The Sri Lankan “YES AYV Creative Youth Media Project”, a platform that has trained more than 100 youngsters in digital media creation, is making an impact in the local community with the help of creative digital art.

These are only three of the 18 winning projects of the WSYA 2013. Three examples of e-content contributing to the pursuit of the UN MDGs through internet and mobile apps; all with the purpose of harnessing the full power of technology. As UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, reminded last April, this is very important nowadays as “these new tools were not available when the Goals were formulated at the turn of the century”.

Live streaming from the WSA Congress into your living room
Follow the best ICT-innovators!
This October Colombo turns into a global hub for digital innovation, and so does your home. Here comes once again this exciting time of the year for the winners to showcase the world’s most excellent ICT-solutions and for you to discover the latest trends in e-Content at the World Summit Award (WSA) Global Congress 2013. You just need to stream the event and stay tuned for full coverage through our website and social media.

This year’s event program includes shot-talks, keynote-sessions and workshops on topics such as content economy, women in ICT and visions for university teaching and research. 32 Renowned speakers such as Tiit Paananen, former CEO of Skype, Vishnu Swaminathan, Director of Ashoka in India, and Latif Ladid, President of IPv6 Forum, will share insights and inspirations in their master classes, activities and interactive discussions.

Community news & opportunities
Top stories you shouldn’t miss!
Summer has come to an end with a handfull of good news to highlight. From former winners to network partners, the WSYA community keeps flourishing even during autumm to bring you new opportunities and success stories.
After winning the World Summit Youth Award last year in the Go Green category, Ecocheck is approaching the launching of its version 2.0. and engaging hundreds of users from all over the world in the task of raising awareness about environmental issues. Read our full interview with Ecocheck and learn about their success story.

The 4th Balkans Beyond Borders (BBB) Short-Film Festival “Reinventing Bridges" is going to be held in Bucharest from October 11 to 13. Learn about this unique event from our network partners and share your thoughts and ideas with them. Young and creative people, as well as everyone passionate about the short film industry, is invited to a 3-day celebration of Balkan diversity and culture.

One year after winning the WSYA with her project Music is Medicine, 21-year-old Leora Friedman was invited to attend the MTV’s Video Music Awards on last August 25 with Glee actor Darren Criss. Watch the MTV coverage of awesome Leora attending the gala. And remember: Making music makes a difference in the lives of pediatric patients!

World Wide Web Foundation asks: Are you campaigning for a free and open Web? Need a small grant? Check out the Web We Want small grants programme, which offers grants for those researching surveillance laws, building capacity or responding to emergency situations. If your answer is ‘Fill me in!’ get all the details right on how to apply are here.
Kind regards from your WSYA Team!

Peter A. Bruck, Charlotte Dreyer, Angel Chacon, Birgit Kolb, Johannes Zeller

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