Countdown for Young Digital Activists to Take Action!
Newsletter 02/2013

You(th) take action NOW!
WSYA and EYA Competition Kick-off!

2013 starts with new challenges, sparkling innovation and young entrepreneurs taking the lead! The call for registration for the next edition of the World Summit Youth Award and European Youth Award will start in April 2013. Where will the Winners´ events take place? Asia, Europe or South America? Who knows but it will be alive and kicking! We invite you all to participate and to share, spread the word, tweet!
Check out all the former WSYA winners here / EYA winners here!
Find out about all you need to know for applying on and
MY World, MY Action, MY Vote
YOU are 1 of 7 billion voices in the world, vote about the issues in your life!

The Youth Award is a key partner of MY World a global UN survey asking you to choose your priorities for a better world. Results will be shared with world leaders in setting the next global development agenda. Tell us about the world you want, because your voice matters.
Youth act on Knowledge Society @ UNESCO WSIS+10
YA and WSA celebrated WSIS+10 anniversary in Paris

In the context of the WSIS post 2015 agenda, the UNESCO invited the World Summit Youth Award to their WSIS+10 Review Meeting at their headquarters in Paris, France. The WSYA was represented by 3 elected winning projects and partners in a specific session dedicated to “Youth 4 Action”. Céline Kniebihler / Hiboo Book to explore (FR), Carina Schmid / The Global Experience (DE) and Jeroen van Loon / Life Needs Internet (NL) rocked the UNESCO headquarters and showed how young people are actually transforming the future with IT.
Success Story: Funda on Stage @ World Economic 2013

“The WSYA platform made success on a global level possible” wrote Jason Muloongo from Funda, YA winning project 2012 ( For Jason and his team it took only five months to grow and become a real success story. After winning the Business Ventures Competition by INDIAFRICA in the end of 2012, they were invited to join the World Economic Forum 2013 as best practice example of African Youth in Innovation and Media for an interactive session “The Spirit of Enterprise”. We are curious, what will come next!
Stay Connected - we changed our numbers!
Youth Award relocates
By the end of March, the World Summit Youth Award team is going to change their home base. While our office stays in Salzburg/Austria, our exact address and telephone numbers will change. Starting from today, you will be able to get in contact via the following numbers:

• Lucie Jagu (Project Manager WSYA/EYA): +43660/630408-2
• Peter Nemec (Project Assistant WSYA/EYA Communication): +43660/630408-5
• Charlotte Dreyer (project Assistant WSYA/EYA Partnerships): +43660/630408-6
• Nora Wolloch (Project Manager WSA/WSA mobile): +43660/630408-3
• Matthias Gruber (PR Manager WSA/WSA mobile): +43660/630408-4
• Birgit Berger (Administration, Controlling, HR): +43660/630408-1