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Newsletter 06/2012

18 Days : 432 Hours : 25.920 Minutes Blood, Sweat & Tears
Long hours and lots and lots of work
It was an exciting, exhausting, and inspiring process to review all the submissions. Let us congratulate all of the 18 Winners and Runners-Up of the World Summit Youth Award! We had several entries that blew the jury away for their out-of-the-box thinking. All projects were truly inspirational and we are excited to see what future work and recognition they hold, to bring more energy and 'heat' to the MDGs.

The Jury had hard time. Thanks for making them think and squirm.

You can now check out all the winning projects at www.youthaward.org and connect with them at friends.youthaward.org!
Meet the WSYA Super(wo)men 2012
...taking action on the MDGs!
From a group of Macedonian students providing open data to raise awareness on the MDGs, to a young group of Africans promoting a crowd-sourced information platform for transparency and accountability in governance. This year's Winner's Projects come from all corners of the world and vividly demonstrate what can be achieved when young people stand up and act together for a livable future.

Meet 'CC – Climate for Children', one of this year's WSYA Winners (Category: Go Green!). Representing the Faculty of Information & Communication Technologies at FON University, Skopje, 'CC' is a team-project by young people, dedicated to raise awareness about nowadays world's situation and the MDGs. Inspired by the possibilities of new media, they created a huge range of interactive presentations and games to encourage teachers and kids to use open data more frequently. Because children are the future.

With 7 winning projects out of 100 applications coming from Africa, the continent has proven to be particularly strong. The reason? It's harder to look away when you are confronted with the issues the MDGs address every day. These major factors drive African youths to make a change. Such as 'iWatch Nigeria' (Category: Fight Poverty, Hunger and Disease!), a coordinated and well-planned platform for young Nigerians to announce personal expectations and observations about the promises, plans, and projects of the government.

Hats off to thinking beyond horizons and embracing ICT in its broadest sense! Keep on exploring folks!
Global Working on one Common Goal
Inside Talk with WSYA Juror Nkemdilim Uwaje
They may represent different ICT disciplines, but they are united by their creative professions and as judges by their desire to seek out and identify work that inspires and makes differences for the MDGs. Dear friends, meet Nkemdilim Uwaje, WSYA Juror, Board Member and Director of Future Software Resources Nigeria. She is a savvy business woman and strides to help more women learn about technology. WSYA asked Nkemdilim to share her thoughts on the judging process and why young African ICT pioneers are at the top of this year's WSYA Winner Projects.

Follow the link and read the interview.
Just droppin' in!
Young Digital Planet - Montréal Event Program
Ready for the next step? Join the winners in Montréal next October! The best young social entrepreneurs, web developers, app designers and data scientist from all over the world will gather at the 18th World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT). Get the WSYA Montréal Program and drop by for a global network with representatives of industry, governments, NGOs and media.

During the WCIT the WSYA Event Young Digital Planet (YDP) will feature speed meetings, mind minglings, best practice presentations and workshops, while the Gala Night will celebrate WSYA's glorious Winners. With around 3000 delegates from 80 countries this is going to be an unforgettable Winners' Event.

YDP Program in short:

1) SPACES FOR ACTION – Beyond the borders of a Digital Society – FISHBOWL
2) BUSINESS SPEED MEETING – Find your significant others!
3) SHARE THE VISION, SHOW THE BEST – The World's Best in e-Content addressing the MDGs
4) GALA NIGHT - 'Evening of ICT excellence'
5) YOUNG DIGITAL PLANET – IT for a better World, Action Workshops I, II
6) SPACES FOR ACTION – Learning from the World Tech Jam – GLOBAL HUDDLE