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Newsletter 05/2012

Rise of the tech youth
2012 submissions hit 1000
The numbers speak for themself: more than 1150 young social entrepreneurs, web developers, app designers and data scientists from 121 different countries registered to the World Summit Youth Award competition 2012! This is impressing and very exciting! The jury will definitely have a hard time to select the 18 winning teams who will be invited to the WSYA Winners' Event 2012 in Montréal, Canada (Oct 22nd -24th).

What does a quick overview tell us? With more than 90 registered projects Africa’s tech youth already took over the WSYA! Get the whole listing per regions and categories at the WSYA 2012 Challenge in Numbers.

Not participant? Follow us through this year’s challenge, join us in Montréal next October, connect on the Friends Platform and save the dates for next year's competition (Kick off in March 2013)! We promise it's going to be an exciting journey!
Success breeding success
Meet the judges
From the length and breadth of the digital world, again a fine crème de la crème of experts gathers together with just one thought: select WSYA's best and brightest entrepreneurs under 30 years. Most of them would be young enough to take part themselves. And guess what, some of them are former WSYA Winners and now are rocking the startup biz.

Youth activists, social entrepreneurs, young researchers and journalists - here are the glorious 21 experts from 16 countries.

And don’t forget! Watch out for our e-channels. Meet the Judges Series is coming up!
Charm the jury!
Do the blog
Have you applied for the World Summit Youth Award 2012? Would you like to know a super-insider´s tip how to promote your projects? Don’t miss a chance to become our guest blogger! We have recently launched a blog section on our website which is already doing great.

What you can share? Your exciting story about how you´ve started your project or any inspirational experience! Be yourself, be unique, and motivate others!

Why should you care? Check out the reasons and the first blog post written by 2012´s World Summit Youth Award applicant! A story from the Philippines how youth can effectively use their e-power.

A BIG THANK YOU to all the WSYA supporters!
Organizations, foundations, youth networks, universities, media, bloggers and individuals, THANK YOU ALL for spreading the word in all UN member states. WSYA has been featured in 120 articles from 35 countries worldwide! Your commitment to support and promote all those working to get action on the MDGs is unique and mostly appreciated!

Special thanks goes to our key partners:
Mladiinfo, Future Challenges, iEarn-USA, StartSomeGood, Creative Industries Styria, TAMK Art and Media, TakingITGlobal, WUPY, ICT for Development / Comminit, Youth Movements and WCIT 2012 as well as to our great network of friends who helped us with translation, namely Abdullah Mosaad, Francesca Ronchi, Alex Hung, Sebastian Bustamente and Olga Kocherzhuk.

Thank you also to Stephan Hamberger and Mathias Haas for creating the YA Friends platform keeping us all connected and to Dylan Mahalingam for a great article in the famous Huffington Post.

Once again, a big THANK YOU from the whole team! Your WSYA Team