World Summit Youth Award turns five
Surf a surge of good action with us!
Newsletter 01/2012

Five years from now WSYA was born in the cradle
of the United Nations World Summit on the Information Society
in partnership with the WSIS Youth Caucus. In 2012 WSYA takes a new turn.

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WSYA is the first global “youth for youth” initiative promoting best practice in
e-Content and technological creativity aiming to
enact the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

WSYA 2012

This year’s global youth competition
will take place at a very special venue in a very special city.

So get ready and pimp your digital projects for the coming competition:

May: Register for the WSYA 2012
July/August: The Jury digs for digital diamonds
September: They take it all: WSYA Winners are announced
October: Young entrepreneurs and activists meet @ the Winners’ Event
YA Friends Platform reloaded

“Stay in touch”, “talk to potential partners”, “connect with new friends”, “promote my project”, “collaborate with other winning projects”, “share ideas”…

The winners’ feedback at the global huddle showed it very clearly: linking-up is key.

That is why we plan to relaunch the Youth Award Friends Platform
until the call in May to allow for even more interaction and benefits.

Tender your ideas and activities:

The modernized platform will offer you and your projects a global marketplace,
an idea funnel for creative networking and advanced options for your personal profile.

Get ready and limber up your ventures!
Youth Awardees blogging for future
Four WSYA winners and one Board member write for “FutureChallenges
Future challenges like droughts, population explosion and migration affect all of us, not only a handful of decision-makers. Hence FutureChallenges, an initiative of the Bertelsmann Foundation, seeks to provide a platform for ordinary citizens, scientists, the media, and policymakers to connect and find solutions.

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Youth Award winners Eileen Knowles (Education Generation), Anshul Tewari (Youth Ki Awaaz), Amira Salah (Kherna), Micheline Tobia (Mashallah News) and board member Nkemdilim Uwaje (Futuresoft) take the opportunity to raise awareness about significant issues in their surroundings and regions.
The internet is as a global commons, giving us the chance to take part in the global discourses. Step into this forum and join the conversation!
Olubodun and Adeline in the Newscorner
WSYA 2011 is over but you and your projects move on: Keep your WSYA network up to date!
Olubodun Akinyele has all reason to be proud. Stories about Playmyjamz receiving the Youth Award have been published in three national newspapers in Nigeria, among them the Guardian Nigeria.

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Presently the Playmyjamz team is seeking sponsors and partners for a “mega competition”, as Olubodun says, where Playmyjamz artists will even get more promotion.

Adeline Suwana, founder of Friends of Nature enthusiastically continues to raise awareness about climate change.

After the Winners’ Events in Graz, Adeline was appointed member of the Official Indonesian Youth Delegation for the United Nations Frameworks Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in Durban, South Africa in December 2011. The picture shows Adeline [in the middle] together with the Indonesian Minister of Environment, the Indonesian Ambassador for Africa and other delegates. Congrats!

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