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06 / 2014

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WINNERS ANNOUNCEMENT: African Content Award showcasing a pan-African diameter of mobile creativity
Leap-frogging mobile development with African Content Award winners
540 million users in Africa reflect one of the fastest growing mobile phone markets in the world. The conversion from voice to data is in full swing. The World Summit Award, an initiative organized in the UN process of the World Summit on the Information society (WSIS), is presenting this year for the first time the best products submitted as national best from 41 African countries. The African Content Award selects mobile content which tackles local challenges and which demonstrates a strong impact on African society. Coming from 15 countries all over the African continent, the African Content Award awardees demonstrate the richness of mobile content: mobile solutions supporting every day’s challenges and enhancing African citizen’s lives.
“Our goal is to find and promote apps that tackle local challenges and have a strong impact on the society. Mobile technologies changed business conditions and ways of living in Africa, offering new perspectives to all citizens. With this new initiative we want to support local entrepreneurs and innovators.”, states WSA chairman Peter A. Bruck. The African Content Award, a regional initiative of the World Summit Award (WSA) to promote and recognize creativity from Africa and to encourage collaboration among the regional networks, is proudly presenting its jury’s selection of 8 Winners and 15 Runner-ups.

The African content Award winners: African diversity in mobile solutions
Africa is on fast advance concerning mobile technology, being innovative and creative in their solutions for local challenges the African Content Award delivers a vast variety in mobile content. Be it mBusiness or mCulture, be it a health solution you seek: the African Content Award winners offer valuable mContent to everyone.
Let’s start with business, mBusiness to be exact: Save time, customize your catalogue, take orders and manage them in real-time, check reports and analytics & hold efficient sales meetings. Being a sales force on the road or a business owner on the travel, Sales-Kit from Tunisia enables you to do business anytime anywhere. As a web mobile cloud app and cross-media application Sales-Kit is innovative and empowering benefiting sales teams and managers alike.
Tongue twisters in Kiswahili: Oral story telling goes digital
Oral history keeping is an invaluable treasure in every culture around the globe, even more so if the society at large is oral. African Content Award winner Safari Tales aims exactly at that: keeping oral history alive and deliver it to young digital natives. Safari Tales from Kenya is inspired by rich African cultures and brings African tales, poems, tongue twisters and songs in African languages (for now Kiswahili). Children can listen to the stories and read them in tandem using the built-in dictionary.
Jump and learn – tackling Malaria by knowledge and insight
Nigeria’s African Content Award winner on the mEntertainment front offers a new take on tackling Malaria – a game. By developing a multi-layered series of educational mobile games, it offers the user insights into the major challenges in the eradication of mosquitos from the environment. MDG™ users learn everything about how mosquitos transmit the illness in a simple and fun way. Quizzes and learning cards enhance knowledge of malaria habitat, while users can fight mosquitos in adventure game settings.
Smart citizens require smart tools – Egyptians mMedia solution for the interested reader
Smart citizens require smart tools – getting information and distributing it in an innovative and fast way is a key factor for knowledge transfer. eMedia winner El Masry El Youm (AMAY) is an online newspaper application offering users the latest news online, a video stream via YouTube, SMS and MMS newsletter services and offline news for the latest 50 topics. Users are offered photo galleries and cartoons plus an option to post news tips, collect favourites and share contents through Facebook, twitter and email.
CODING AFRICA: Zooming into GPS based addresses in Ghana
“What’s your SnooCode?” A question easily answered by GPS Location Coding System SnooCode, a free mobile application solving a problem unknown to many: not having an address. This means people cannot access emergency services, postal services or even open a bank account. SnooCode provides everyone in rural or urban areas in Ghana with a unique, robust & easy to memorize address – being more accurate than even the UK post system. So what is your SnooCode?
Rethinking Education: Intaking knowledge bit by bit with social media school lectures
The 8 African Content Award Winners and 15 Runner-ups present not only diversity and innovation, but most forward also the rapid movement towards smart citizenship. Take South Africa’s Rethink Education, enabling students to learn by doing what they love best: social media. Using Mixt, South Africa’s biggest social platform, students use ‘chat’-styled community platforms to learn math, chemistry science. The Rethink Education platforms feed educational content broken down into ‘bite-size bits’ and present it to 500,000 users.
Smart democracy: Ugandans thumbing citizen matters via mobile solution
Not only education shines a light in Africa: Ugandan citizen take active part in the community, by typing “Join”. U-report text message programme give a voice to everyone, having been launched in May 2011, U-reporters in Uganda made their voices heard almost 1.5 million times in 2013 alone.
Medical matters at hand: Your Health Morocco
African Content Award winner Your Health from Morocco is only one of the perfect examples for mobile innovation in Africa to tackle local challenges and have a strong impact on African society. By being an effective, reliable application with local relevance for medical matters, Your Health enables Moroccans with a vast overview of all health care matters and supports patients in finding the closest pharmacy on duty, doctors’ offices, clinics, hospitals or laboratories in Morocco.
Showcasing a pan-African diameter of mobile creativity
African Content Award in Morocco at STI Forum in Rabat, Morocco
540 million users in Africa offer one of the fastest growing mobile phone markets in the world (source AfDB). Appropriate deployment of mobile technology will support African countries to leap-frog their developmental challenges. But mobile content offers millions of possibilities and varieties, and it is most important to select the real gems from costume jewelry.

The African Content Award selects and promotes mobile content pearls which tackle local challenges and have a strong impact on African society. This year’s awardees offer with their most innovative solutions new ways of living in Africa, offering new perspectives to all citizens, leap-frogging Africa into a fast advance into mobile innovation. The regional winners will be awarded during the 2nd Ministerial Forum on Science, Technology and Innovation in Africa, organized by the African Development Bank, Morocco, Rabat, to be held at the Academy of Science and Technology Hassan II from October 14-17, 2014. The forum will bring together government representatives, private sector, academia, scientists, innovators, and civil society from the region. The African Content Award is organized in partnership with the African Development Bank, ITIDA, ISESCO, African Innovation Foundation & Millennium@EDU .
Your WSA Team 2014

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