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Newsletter 07/2013

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To play, to chat, to learn: The Nominees of the World Summit Award 2013
461 great ventures from all over the world: The Grand Jury of the World Summit Award expects the nominees of 2013!
From innovative games which help children to understand the environment to a tablet application for disabled people. From a website designed to make it easy to find the best organic products in your local store to a database that uses information to fight Gender Based Violence: The 461 nominees who made it to the second round of this year’s World Summit Award and compete in front of the Grand Jury in Tallinn/Estonia show more than ever all the richness and diversity of the world of e-content. See the full list of the nominees below:

Nominees of the the WSA 2013
Experts with Character: The Grand Jury of the WSA
19 experts form the Grand Jury which will test all 461 projects of this year’s Award
Maybe the word “Grand Jury” evokes the picture of middle-aged men in gray suits with solemn faces. Absolutely not the case at the World Summit Awards, as you will see: Our jury members come from every continent of the earth, belong to significantly different age groups and have diverse cultural and occupational backgrounds. The only thing these 19 men and women have in common: They are high class experts in the field of Information Technology and extremely capable of identifying the world’s best e-content! Check out four of our members…

Anne Shongwe

Social entrepreneur, Policy Development Professional and founder of Afroes, a service designed to modernize learning in the African market; Anne is WSA’s expert from Kenya.

More about Anne

Mihkel Tikk

The event in Tallinn is a home match for Mihkel, Head of the Estonian State Portal eesti.ee, since he is the WSA’s expert from Estonia.

More about Mihkel

Witman Hung

Working in the computer industry for the last 22 years, Witman, co-founder and Executive Vice President of Next Horizon Ltd. is a well-known figure in Chinas IT-world.
More about Witman

Manar Al Hashash

A creative mind from Kuwait, Manar is the General Manager of the software development company Dot Design. She also launched the IT magazine Dot.
More about Manar

“A great opportunity, a great challenge.” Three questions for a WSA 2013-nominee
Manavy Chim, Founder and Executive Director of the Open Institute, created Gender Based Violence. The project helps to prevent GBV in Cambodia by a mapping tool and providing information about countermeasures to the public. We spoke to her about her experience as being the creator of one of Cambodia’s nominated ventures for the Grand Jury in Tallinn.

Manavy Chim (in the left) with her
team of the Gender Based Violence
WSA: Miss Chim, how do you feel about being nominated for the World Summit Award 2013?
Manavy Chim: I feel proud; it is a great challenge and great opportunity. This is the first time that I am involved in such a high level initiative.
WSA: How did you experience the nomination process?
Manavy: It took some time. We had many meetings with our partners, which are both local and international ICT-organizations. We discussed in detail which project should compete for the WSA since even though we work in the field of ICT, e-content in our national Khmer language, which we use for our project, is rare in Cambodia.
WSA: What do you expect from your nomination?
Manavy: We hope to gain a lot of experience, knowledge and creative input from the WSA and from the other nominees. It will help introducing the Open Institute and the Gender Based Violence project to a global stage.

Check out Manavy's project here (Khmer language)
Where Internet Accessibility is a basic right: Estonia!
Three smart reasons why the city of Tallinn is the perfect place of inspiration for our Grand Jury

New media in old architecture:
Estonia’s capital city of
Tallinn is the birthplace of
Skype and several more high
class ICT-ventures.
  1. Interconnectedness: Estonia is one of the, if not the, most wired countries of the world. No wonder, since the free access to the Internet is a basic right in this state!
  2. Creativity: Despite being a small country of only 1.3 million inhabitants, the creative potential of the “Baltic Lion” is great: Amongst several more advanced e-products, clever Estonians invented the instant messaging service Skype!
  3. Success: A free country only since 22 years, Estonia manages now to rank very high in the Human Development Index and measurements of press and economic freedom, civil liberties and education. This small country is an inspirational example for achieving great accomplishments under adverse conditions.

See Estonia’s high position on the Press Freedom Index
Already a country of winners
If Estonia manages to gather an award this year, it would not be the first time…
The Estonian ICT professionals do their best to amaze the Grand Jury, and winning an Award would not meet them unprepared: The venture “e-Annual Report” was one of the five winners in the category of e-Government and Institutions at the WSA 2011. The project enables Estonian entrepreneurs to submit annual reports via the e-reporting environment of the Central Commercial Registry. In 2011, it was used by basically every company in the country. The system with its combination of good design, high level technology and creative and collaborative processes opening up government for business administration and legislations is a perfect example of a successful web initiative targeting a large audience. And it shows that Estonians know how to win a WSA Award. It will be some challenge for the other countries to compete against this small Baltic state!

Learn more about e-Annual Report

Easy to use, accessible for
everyone: e-Annual Report,
Estonia’s 2011
Award-winning entry in
the category e-Government
& Institutions.
See you in Estonia!
All the best from your WSA Team!

Peter A. Bruck, Nora Wolloch, Manuela Wagner, Christoph Seemann

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