Newsletter 05/2013

WSA goes Paris
Content Quality Matters
WSA Grand Jury to meet in Estonian capital city Tallinn to select best e-Content as part of UN World Summit on the Information Society process
From August 29th-31st, Estonia will turn into a global hub for outstanding e-Applications: A jury of renowned ICT experts and industry leaders will come together in Tallinn to select the world’s best digital content developers for the World Summit Award 2013.

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Estonia: The E-State Goes Private ... and Global
An essay on the knowledge society by WSA expert Katri Ristal
How has mobile content and internet changed the way people around the globe live, learn, do business and communicate? We asked eminent experts to share their ideas about the information society with us – this time, Katri Ristal reflects on the Estonian e-Revolution.

"What do you do after setting up one of the world's most progressive e-governments? That's precisely the question Estonia was facing in 2003.By that year, thanks to a massive, sustained push by the public sector, Estonia had already established a solid foundation for its now-renowned information society and implemented its elements." Read more …
Global Fame for Local Heroes
Estonia, Italy and Lithuania announcing country's best e-Conent
There’s still a good month left for national experts to submit their nominations to the WSA 2013. However, a couple of countries have already found their nation’s best e-Content. What’s this year’s best in Estonia, Lithuania or Italy?

Find a mouth-watering selection of this year's WSA candidates here!
Our Secret of Success
WSA expands its network and welcomes new experts in 15 countries
To find the world’s most outstanding applications, WSA relies on the work of more than 160 experts all around the world. They use their knowledge and experience on a relentless search for their country’s greatest e-Applications.

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Ignite Your Spark!
WSA Winners’ Success Story
SPARX, a fantasy video game that changes the reality of youth struggling with depression. The aim of the game is to restore balance and defeat the gloom and negativity that plague the world. Users complete a series of virtual challenges and in doing so learn skills that can be applied in real life.

Read more about how SPARX challenging teenager depression
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You(th) Take Action!
Apply now for the World Summit Youth Award
Apply Now for the World Summit Youth Award 2013
Do you work with the internet? Develop apps? Design the web? Produce interactive con-tent? Are you concerned about poverty, hunger and the spread of diseases? Do you want to save the environment? Do you care about power to women or education for all?

Don´t miss the chance to take part in this international high-level competition and apply RIGHT NOW!

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