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App-etite: WSA-mobile opens registration

Newsletter 5/2012

A Fusion of ICT and Arab e-Content

Wonderful WSA Winners’ Events at Cairo ICT

Mohamed Salem,
Minister of CIT, Egypt
Cairo is the city on the Nile, which long time ago revolutionised media with papyrus paper. Today Egypt’s capital demonstrated what can be done with new social media, giving hope and new energy to a whole region.

There could have been no better place to honour outstanding digital developers and content producers worldwide. Between April 26 – 29, 2012 Cairo hosted a global panopticum of spirit and knowledge in e-Content – the World Summit Award Winners Events.

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Hi-Tech and Best e-Content amidst historic dreams

   Cairo Citadel
The Winners’ Ceremony was the highlight of the four day WSA Events. The best global e-Content producers found themselves in the middle of a historic dream flavoured with oriental spirit and narratives of perished dynasties and fierce battles: at the Cairo Citadel.

The Citadel is one of the most picturesque and exclusive places in Cairo. This setting marvelled by around 500 guests turned the festive celebrations into an unforgettable night.

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Appetite! World Summit Award goes mobile again

Call for registrations started on May 23, 2012

Grace is no longer isolated. Thanks to her mom, Lisa Domican, who invented an iPhone App for Autists, she can easily communicate with others. Or take BBC Janala. 25 million Bangladeshis learn English with this mobile service that does not cost more than a cup of tea. Both BBC Janala and the Grace App for Autism won the World Summit Award mobile in 2010. These applications show how mobile solutions can efficiently include others and add value for users. What’s the story behind your mobile content-project? Apply for the global WSA-mobile 2012 with your national expert and present your app to the world.

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South Africa goes digital

WSA @ ICT INDABA Conference in Cape Town

Mobile connectivity is growing beyond imagination while converged networks deliver limitless accounts of content for online services. This opens new horizons for investors but also for the underprivileged. Hence, the international ICT INDABA Conference in South Africa will discuss “Connectivity for Africa’s Development” from 4 to 7 June, 2012. ICT INDABA invited WSA-Chairman Peter A. Bruck to be speaker. He will shine the light on “Trends in e-Creative Content development” on June 5, 2012.

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For an unforgettable WSA Event 2011/2012

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Your WSA Team 2012

Nora Wolloch, Eva Krallinger, Anna Gauto,
Anna Rechberger, Lucia Gallikova, Peter A. Bruck

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