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Newsletter 01/2013

Abu Dhabi is February´s Agenda – YA Winners in ambush
Mobile Excellence 2.0 | WSA-mobile Winners' Events
In February 2013, WSA-mobile – the partner award of the YA - will take you on a journey to the fascinating world of mobile apps. Find out what mobile content can do to make your life easier, healthier and safer. Meet top representatives of the UN and the ICT industry. Celebrate 40 outstanding app producers at an unforgettable gala evening in Abu Dhabi.

And guess what? Some of the most mobile YA winners will contribute to a special Youth Session:

Growing up Mobile: The Future here, the World now!
• Nathan Masyuko, Haki Game, Kenya
• Bistra Kumbaroska, Mladiinfo, Slovenia
• Heba Habib, Harrassmap, Egypt
• Matt Clark, Fair Play Anti-Corruption Youth Voices, Belgium

Find the preliminary program and the registration details here!

UNESCO WSIS+10: Youth act on Knowledge society
YA and WSA celebrate WSIS+10 anniversary in Paris.
It has been ten years, since the United Nations started to prepare for the UN WSIS Summit in Geneva. Since then, YA and WSA have been on an indefatigable search for e-Content that bridges the digital divide and makes a difference for people around the globe. In honour of this occasion, YA and WSA has been invited by UNESCO Director-General Ms. Bokova to conduct a gala evening in the framework of UNESCO’s WSIS+10 event in Paris.

Join us in Paris and become part of this unique event!
Premiere: The first Youth Award-webinar!
Alex Budak of StartSomeGood guides through crowdfunding
For the first time the Youth Award hosted a webinar, an interactive presentation session, which could be accessed from all around the world! On Monday, December 10, Alex Budak of StartSomeGood took the lead in his webinar about crowdfunding and how to tackle this as a start-up. Participants from around 15 countries were present and could ask questions in real time through the interactive chat. The session buzzed and was a great success, so there is no reason to stop! New webinars will follow soon about fundraising, social franchising, networking so stay tuned - this might be the next step for YOUR success story!
Digital Frontier: Montréal reflections
Interview with Philippe Kridelka, Director UNESCO Office New York
“I think it’s especially important to work with young people for several reasons. Young people are the leaders, the opinion builders, the decision makers of tomorrow. They are much stronger with information technology than my generation. The youth of today are the first generation to be completely literal, as far as the new technologies are concerned, and that’s a big plus.”

Mr Kridelka was part of the WSYA delegation at the WSYA Winners’ Event 2012, held in the framework of the World Congress on IT this October in Montréal, Canada. We asked him what he thinks of today’s young generations and technologies, their impact and how UNESCO is harnessing these trends to further development.

Read the whole interview right here!
Save-the-Date for WSYA-EYA 2013!
The 2013 edition of the WSYA will kick off in February
2013 is right on our doorstep with new challenges, sparkling innovation and young entrepreneurs taking the lead! The call for registration for the next edition of the World Summit Youth Award and European Youth Award will start in February 2013. Where will the Winners´ events take place? Asia, Europe or South America? Who knows but it will be alive and kicking! We invite you all to participate and to share, spread the word, tweet!

Check out all the former WSYA winners here / EYA winners here !

And read all you need to know for applying on and